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Time has passed since the League Championship Series (LCS) pivoted away from an old relegation model that saw under-performing teams ousted from the volatile esports league at year's end. The closed 10-team ecosystem that emerged from its ashes ushered in an unprecedented era of professional player, team owner, and stakeholder profit and security.

Now, with years of experience behind them, the Powers That Be have chosen to open the LCS gates to one additional team by way of a competition set to occur every five years: the Targon Invitational.

Set in the fictional Laurea Heights, California, the game follows Rafaela* and her journey from college dropout to substitute for Momentum Gaming (MMG), an ambitious team of five high level players come together to compete at Targon.


  • 5 team role-specific narrative routes to direct
  • 5 unique female teammates to befriend (and potentially romance!)
  • Guided in-game decision-making that impacts both team health and competition outcomes
  • A friendly tour of League of Legends esports that caters to both newcomers (welcome!) and fans of old

*Name can be changed by the player.



The aforementioned college dropout with little regard for much outside of her demon kitty, Cruella, her mom's homemade sweet potato pie, her soothing lava lamp collection, and climbing the League of Legends ranked ladder. Once a flourishing chemistry student with a profound loathing for mustard (seriously, she hates the stuff), she used to avoid her demons by spending hours theorycrafting champion builds until MMG approached her to become their substitute.

TEAM NAME: Player's choice
TEAM POSITION: Route-specific 
SUMMONER NAME: Player's choice


MMG team leader and Jungler with an undeniable air of professionalism and a penchant for wrangling complexities behind the scenes. Though she prefers to keep her cards close to her chest, she is not unkind or unfair, and appears to genuinely care for the health and well-being of her teammates.  Any and all business operations are handled by her.

SUMMONER NAME: Farewellian


Resident MMG cosplayer and Top Laner with an infectious giggle and capacity for easing the tension in a room with her bubbly presence. She likes cute things, dance routines, and devising new makeup looks at all hours of the day. She is also a gunpla enthusiast and woodworker, and banishes any Bad Feels she has by building sparkling new variations of known buster swords.

SUMMONER NAME: gateauchan owo
FAVORITE CHAMPION: Meowkai! (=^・^=) 


MMG's Mid Laner, known primarily by her wildly popular streamer persona, Vermillion. Is said to have an infuriatingly seductive voice and a forgiving hand when managing her most colorfully offensive fans, called 'vermin' by the League community.  Her level-headed approach to life makes her appear perfect in mind, body, and soul, which means she is often accused of being manufactured and disingenuine. Naturally, none of this seems to bother her.

TEAM NAME: MMG Vermillion 
SUMMONER NAME: xo verMillion


A loose canon, plain and simple, but when she pops off in a game, boy does she ever. As the MMG AD Carry she is loud, brash, often rude and only able to back up her profoundly enormous ego fifty percent of the time. The very epitome of "Get off my f***ing farm" levels of toxic in game, she has earned a bit of a reputation in high elo for grinding back to the top after achieving her nth ban of the season.  As much as people love to hate her, she is also well-respected for her surprisingly balanced and helpful tutorial videos.

TEAM NAME: MMG Ballistic
TEAM POSITION: Bot Lane (AD Carry)
SUMMONER NAME: get sheet on
FAVORITE CHAMPION: Jinx, obviously 


That one friend that gives the greatest hugs of all time. As MMG's Support and eldest teammate, they are frank with both their praise and criticism. As a married titi of one thoroughly loved niece, they will also never be found wasting what precious extra time they have. They commute back and forth between the MMG gaming house and the apartment they share with their husband. Of all teammates, they are easily the best at communication.

TEAM POSITION: Bot Lane (Support)
SUMMONER NAME: Supportalcube


Hi there! 

This is a passion project that is being developed for free by a small team of writers and artists with outside help from League analysts and consultants.  As fans of both League and LoL Esports, we wanted to put out this virtual little love letter to a game and scene that's entertained us for hours and brought many of us together.   

We're using a mix of in-game League of Legends assets and original background, navigation, character sprite, and CG art to bring this game to life via the Ren'Py visual novel engine.  Please look forward to upcoming posts right here on our Devlog.

Finally, a very important disclaimer: 

High Elo Girls isn’t endorsed by Riot Games and doesn’t reflect the views or opinions of Riot Games or anyone officially involved in producing or managing League of Legends. League of Legends and Riot Games are trademarks or registered trademarks of Riot Games, Inc. League of Legends © Riot Games, Inc.

To track development progress of our modest little fan game, please look for updates from the team below: 

FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: @highelogirls #hegvn

We hope you enjoy!  :)


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