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For unlicensed Alchemist Mello Kurosol, disaster is always one bad customer away. When Logan Apollo, business partner and friend, returns all wrong from a job far outside Lore City limits, Mello must brew four deadly potions for the malicious entity possessing Logan's body...  

Or suffer the ultimate consequence.


  • 5 Unique Endings
  • 9 Gorgeously-Illustrated CGs
  • 6 Characters explored through clashing perspectives
  • A point-&-click alchemy mini-game that informs the course of your story
  • A  glimpse into a corrupt urban fantasy world where theocracy reigns supreme, magic is innate to all but controlled by the ruling few, and the shadow market breeds opportunity for those who seek it

CONTENT WARNINGS: Psychological manipulation, physical abuse while under duress, visible blood splatter, implicit sexuality (suggestive conversation), death. Some routes allow room for self-destruction.
All characters are at least 25 and older.
RATING: 18+ 
PRICE: $2.99

Currently in development and set to be released February 2021 under Lore City, a dungeonpunk imprint of Split Fate Studios. Follow this page for updates!

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