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I'm curious since polyam ships are common for team based stories if there will be an option to romance multiple people.  I really loved the demo and love the art direction, excited no matter what but just curious. 

Hi there!

Thanks for your kind words!  Unfortunately we have no plans for simultaneous romances at this time, however we do have a polyam teammate in Senny, who we're excited for you to get to know!

That's a shame but totally understandable.  Still totally looking forward to the game. 


Can I ask why there's no demo available for this?

Hi there!  Thank you so much for your interest!   We previously had a demo available for High Elo Girls while it was still a League of Legends themed fangame, however when we made the decision to revise the game as a wholly original property we pulled that original demo to avoid confusion!  We're hoping to have a new demo available in time for Steam's June Next Fest!


I hope you guys keep it up!


Uh... Daphne and Kae's bios are identical. I assume that's an error :P

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Oh man, that would absolutely be my fault (Dee speaking!) Thank you for the catch! I've just gone ahead and updated Daphne's to the proper bio.